Chain Link

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Constructed of steel wire woven in a diamond pattern, chain link is one of the most popular fencing options. Economical enough for even large-scale applications, chain link fence is practical, durable and low-maintenance. Reasonably unobtrusive even in galvanized, it is also available with colored vinyl coatings, and with decorative vinyl slats to add color and offer privacy. In combination with landscaping, a chain link fence can be an attractive option that won’t break the bank. Whether you want an 8-foot commercial-grade security fence around your warehouse or a fence to keep your dog in the back yard, Consolidated Fence has the solution for you.



Optional base
Consolidated Fence also fabricates heavy duty dog kennels in standard and custom sizes, with or without dividers or top panels.

Our company sells galvanized after weave (GAW) chain link fabric. Wire that is pre-coated and then woven can lose some of its coating during the weaving process, leaving the knuckle and twist bare. GAW fabric is galvanized after the weaving process, ensuring a complete coating that offers superior resistance to the elements.

Precoated fabric with uncoated tips. Some manufacturers coat the bare cut-ends of precoated fabric, but many don't. No one coats the ends with the same material that protects the rest of the fabric.
GAW fabric. The GAW process guarantees that cut ends will be coated with the same quality material and protection as the rest of the fabric. The pre-coated process provides no such guarantee.

Vinyl privacy slats for chain link fencing are available in several colors, and are easy to install. Most vinyl slats provide about 75% privacy, but we also have available winged slats that will provide about 90%.